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Old 07-29-2010, 04:20 PM
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Huntseat to Saddleseat!! (long)

Hi everyone, I'm new here with questions!! I LOVE riding saddleseat more than anything! I did have a Morgan that I rode and showed saddleseat and he is the one that taught me saddleseat. I burried him at 33 years old, after owning him for 20 years. He was the love of my life and I know I'll never have a horse like him again. Anyway, I currently have a 9 year old paint/saddlebred mare that I've had for 4 years. She is a sweetheart and will do anything in the world for me. She's only been ridden huntseat, but I just have to ride saddleseat again! I know she can pull it off. I just wan't to show at the local unrated shows for fun in pleasure and trail classes. What I'd love your help with is her headseat. She does currenlty have a natural higher headset than your huntseat horse, but I need to get her to bring in her nose and pick her head up a bit. I can get her to pick up her head mostly with my legs and seat and drive her into it. I do think I'd like to do some training with a martingale. From what I see, do people train with a running margingale on the bottom ring of a pelham bit for this?? Any info to help me get her started with this will help so much!! Thank you all!!

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Old 07-29-2010, 04:50 PM
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I've seen the curb rein thru a martingale, but I have never done it. If you can get your horse to bend gently left to right, you can "take and release" gently left to right ("climb the ladder" as one old timer put it) to collect while squeezing a little.

If the horse were mine, I get someone to air the horse up from the ground with a plastic bag or a little baby powder or whatever and see if the horse will raise up. If you "keep riding" while the horse is aired up, you get a pretty good feel for where the horse can go and the horse gets the feel too.

I also like to work in lines or a jog cart. Turning the horse loose with side reins and chasing him a little tells me where the horse can comfortably put his head.

I think trying a pelham or a pelham thru a martingale sounds too much like the rider trying to make a horse put his head somewhere rather than letting him, or at most, asking him.

I sound like a broken record, but collection comes from natural conformation and bending the horse left to right with his head lower but back against his neck. This lets the neck come UP and out of the whithers, hinges appear, and then when you want the show ring head set, you just air the horse up and his head will be a nice place and he will keep it there and use his ears.

If you decide to try this, do it about three or four times and then the next time "call on the horse" to set up where you want him and see what happens. I think you will see some progress. All done in a snaffle bit.

Keep it simple, stick to the basics, and less is more.

JMO, of course.
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Old 07-29-2010, 06:33 PM
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What a beautiful description, Sit!

Thank you!
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Old 07-29-2010, 07:49 PM
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Wow! I'll say what a description! Sit, you are amazing and thanks so much!!!! I hate the use of anything artificial for my horses, as I said, I just show for fun at local shows! I'm a total "pleasure" rider and I like things as "natural" as possible!! Now if I may ask one more question? I've only ridden my mare with a "french link snaffle". I wan't to ride her with double reins, and I have a "long shanked pelham" I'd like to show her saddleseat with. Can you give me your opinion of how I should get her started with it? Should I go get a shorter shanked pelham and get her used to that? By the way, I ride with EXTREAMLY light hands and have been told so, by show judges.

Thanks again so much!

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