News Bits, March 26, 2012

From the American Saddlebred Horse Association

Deadline to Enroll in American Saddlebred Registry Sport Horse Incentive Program is April 1, 2012; Criteria for Western Dressage Added

Few Life of Supreme Sultan DVDs Still Remain Available for Purchase

William Woods University to Host Saddle Seat World Cup Selection Trials

The American Saddlebred Needs You

Biggins Stable to Offer Summer Camp

Southern Saddlebred Sales and UPHA Chapter 8 Horse Show Join Forces April 26-28

From the Western Dressage Association of America and the Western Dressage Association® of America Join Forces


Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season, and enjoying time with your family, friends and horses!

The new year is bringing some changes to that I wanted to let you know about.  

2012 will be the 15 year anniversary of Trot.  The purpose of the site when it began was to promote the American Saddlebred, and provide a place to learn and share with other Saddlebred enthusiasts.

 I think it accomplished this goal for a long time, however the last few years the discussion forum area has gotten a bit off track.  While there is still some positive, useful discussion there, it seems that more often than not there is some kind of drama and negative activity going on.  I have been struggling with how to deal with this – we have tried a new moderation team, more clearly stating the rules, etc. however nothing seems to make any difference. 

I have decided to significantly downsize the forum rather than close it completely.  A limited number of topics will be open for posting to allow for announcements and press releases, the Rescue section (on a trial basis), and a few other low drama areas.

These changes will take affect on 1/1/2012.

I know that not everyone will be happy with my decision, but it has been a long time since I have felt good about the site, and I no longer want to have any association with that kind of negativity.  My “free” time has become much harder to come by since I gained the title of Mom, and I would like to spend what little I have doing something where I feel I can be helpful and have a positive impact – like with my local charter club and

Thank you for understanding, and Happy New Year to you and yours!
Trina Smith

There’s an app for that

We are addicted to our smart phones, and there are many applications available that keep us more connected to one of our other addictions – horses.

This article from The Modern Equestrian  (one of my new favorite horsie blogs!) shows us some available app’s such as a trail riding log (an ASHA mention!), a horse show checklist, and USDF dressage tests.

Concerned about the show legality of a medication your horse may need? Try the app for the FEI CleanSport Equine Prohibited Substances Database.

Here’s another one by EquiSketch to help with dressage tests, although I see in the comments that someone has used it to help them with their saddleseat equitation patterns as well.

HorseGirl TV has an app in the works as well.

Are there any horse related app’s on your phone?


Link Love – August 5th

Richfield Video - Kentucky Spring Premier


Richfield Video - Kentucky Spring PremierMore great web coverage from Richfield Video – this week is the Shelbyville Horse Show.

Two great e-zines/newsletters came out recently:

Above Level - An interview with Rob Byers, a pedigree discussion, a focus on amateurs and much more!

The Diva Dish – brought to you by Blue Ribbon Diva. Tips on keeping your makeup looking good while showing in this hot weather, and how to take care of your show clothes (including leather and suede).

Build a Dashboard for your Horse Business – some good business advice from The Stable Woman Gazette.

Take Part in EQUUS Magazine’s Conformation Analysis Series - Internationally renowned anatomy expert Deb Bennett, PhD, offers her insights into equine conformation. Send in your horse’s photo and learn what he’s built to do best, as well as how you can help keep him sound!  (Note: I had the opportunity to attend a Deb Bennett clinic years ago, and it was one of the most interesting horse experiences I have ever had!)

Looking to buy or sell Louisville tickets?

Check out this thread on the discussion forum:

Friday Link Love


Here are some links to items that caught my eye this week, and thought you might be interested as well:

Beat the Heat – Mary’s Magic Formula – a cooling concoction from Mary Phelps Hathaway.  I haven’t tried this yet, but let me know how it works for you!

Richfield Video Productions – I cannot say enough good things about this company.  In addition to providing free webcasts to many current shows, they are also sharing old videos from Saddlebred history. Great stuff for us aficionados, but also doing a great job getting quality ASB coverage to the masses via Facebook and Youtube. A+ in marketing!

Western Dressage Clinic – August 5th – North Carolina – No breeches required! This clinic with Barbara Long will cover the goals of dressage – forward, supple, balanced and straight why they make a difference. We’ll touch on what a test is and what the levels are but that’s not the focus. There will be an unmounted session with some neat demos that show how the horse perceives your aids. Auditing is free.

What is a Saddlebred? – Video on Equestrian Life.

Have a great weekend!

Rescued Saddlebred competes in first USEF Horse Trial

Saddlebred Rescue horse Mikey competing in his first USEF sanctioned horse trial (eventing). It was 16-17 April, 2011 at the River Glen Horse Trial in New Market, TN. We placed 5th out of 15 starters in Beginner Novice Open division. He was a rock star and garnered alot of attention and questions at the cross country finish line. Of course I said “He’s an American Saddlebred!”.

To see Mikey’s Saddlebred Rescue thread and read his story, click here:…?TOPIC_ID=3407


Chris Long Schubert and Saddlebred featured in Wall Street Journal

Saddlebred in Wall Street Journal

Saddlebred in Wall Street Journal

Chris Long Schubert was featured in the Wall Street Journal in an article about knee replacement, and a picture of her riding a Saddlebred was used in the article.  Any exposure, even indirectly, is a good thing! Read the article here.

Richfield Video providing free Webcast of KY Spring Premier

Richfield Video - Kentucky Spring Premier

Watch it Live & Free

Richfield Video - Kentucky Spring Premier

Show starts at 2pm eastern time on:
April 14
April 15
April 16

Discussion Forum now open


In case you haven’t already noticed, the discussion forum has reopened from maternity leave.

As part of the reopening we are introducing a new moderation system.  Instead of having just the three administrators (TrotAdmin, Attafox and Roadpony) that we have had for years, we now have a total of five moderators.  All moderators post under numbered logins such as Mod#1, Mod#2, etc. and will be anonymous.

Attafox and Roadpony are now personal logins, and I have created a new personal login for myself, Trina.  TrotAdmin will remain active because several RSS feeds are tied to it, but will not be used for posting except in special circumstances.

As usual, as a member of the forum you are responsible for being familiar with the posted rules, and complying with any direction from the moderation team.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!